​​​​​Contact: 07884 432525

Louise Brown

independent trading assistant

What do I do? 

I photograph your items, research their value, write a detailed description and list them on ebay. I deal with the buyer’s questions and payment, package up and post the items or arrange for collection. I also provide storage of smaller items and all packaging material.

Some weeks an item may not get much interest, yet another week it may sell for a good price. I find that most items sell within 3 weeks. If an item does not sell the first time, you can opt for me to relist it up to two more times.  If it does not sell after that time I can donate any unsold items to charity free of charge or you can come and collect them.

Simply hand me your unwanted items and I will do the rest. My experience of selling combined with ebay’s over 155 million active users provides you with the best chance of selling your unwanted items at a good price.

If required I can advise on what items are suitable for listing on ebay or if an item would benefit from selling via a different method.

If you are unable to deliver your items to me an alternative can be arranged.

You can then sit back and follow your live auction here.

Why choose me?

I have been selling on ebay for several years, originally for myself and friends and family and more recently for

my clients. I have experience of what sort of items sell and how to market your product to get the best possible price.  Over the years I have built up a trustworthy reputation on ebay, am listed by them as a 'top-rated' seller and have a 100% positive feedback rating which will encourage buyers to buy your items from me. 

My well worded detailed descriptions and precise photographs can make all the difference, and although I am taking a commission, you may find that by using me you make more money overall on your items.

With no sale no commission fees, you have nothing to lose.

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