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Louise Brown

independent trading assistant

Terms & Conditions

  1. ​I will use my business account on ebay to sell your items.
  2. For my services, I will take the following commission fees from the final sale price: 30% for items selling for less than £100; 25% for items selling for between £100 and £500; 20% for items selling for between £500 and £1,000; 17% for items selling for between £1000 and £3000; 15% for items selling for over £3000.
  3. I will manage and cover all postage costs.
  4. ebay and PayPal fees will be deducted after my fees from the final amount you receive.  These fees will vary with different listing categories and insertion fees.  A breakdown of fees can be provided on request or found on my website (
  5. Payment to you will be made within 14 days of me receiving cleared funds from the buyers for all your sold items. Pre-agreed instalments can be arranged when selling more than 20 items.
  6. You will receive a breakdown of each sale with a receipt of your payment.
  7. I will use my experience when listing your items to maximise their visibility and achieve the best possible sale  price.
  8. I will decide if items will be listed as an auction or buy it now style on a case by case basis.
  9. I will chose a starting price I think is appropriate for the item based on its condition and research of the market at the time of listing.  Starting prices will vary on a case by case basis and cannot be agreed in advance. The minimum listing price for any item will be £5. Any items I deem to be below this value will either be listed as part of a bundle or returned to you.
  10. I cannot predict and will not be held responsible for final sale prices or items not selling.
  11. Items not selling can be relisted up to two times.  This will incur additional ebay insertion fees. If you prefer not to relist please indicate this in the relevant part of the inventory.
  12. If an item does not sell, I can donate it to charity free of charge or you can opt to collect it from me.Any unsold items which have not been collected within 2 weeks of notification, without prior agreement, will be disposed of.
  13. If an item does not sell, I will not take any commission fees except in the situation described in clause 15. below.  You will still be liable for the small ebay insertion fee which will be deducted from your balance.
  14. The commission fee covers the creation of the initial listing. If you decide to make further changes to the listing once it is live an additional 10% of the listing price will be taken each time, regardless of whether the item sells.
  15. If you change your mind and decide you do not wish to sell an item after I have listed it, I will charge you my commission fee calculated from the listing price (starting price), based on the fee structure detailed in clause 2. above.
  16. I rely on my 100% positive feedback and top rated seller status to sell your items at a good price. Therefore, once an item has been bid on or sold and I have thus entered into a contract with ebay, it cannot be withdrawn from sale.
  17. Sometimes, in my opinion, ebay may not be the best selling platform for an item. I can deal with this on your  behalf and will be agreed in advance.
  18. Items must be received in good working order (unless they are being sold for spare parts) and in a clean, good   quality condition.  Any defects/missing components must be clearly stated on the above item inventory.
  19. I reserve the right to refuse items for sale for whatever reason. This could include items that I do not consider to be of the quality or standard expected by my buyers. I am unable to sell any fake or unauthorised/replica branded items. I may therefore ask for authentication. If authentication cannot be proved I will refuse to sell designer  goods.
  20. If you would like assistance deciding whether to place an item for sale or not, please contact me.
  21. Small items can be delivered to me. If you are unable to deliver items, please contact me in advance. For larger items, for example furniture, kitchens, doors, white goods etc I can arrange the collection of photos, measurements  and a description, then arrange for the buyer to collect direct from you. However it is your responsibility to ensure  that all these items are readily available as soon as they are sold meaning the item is ready for immediate pick up.
  22. You are responsible for any dismantling, uninstalling, removing etc required for an item.
  23. I am not responsible for any loss or damage – direct or consequential – that you may suffer as a result of this agreement. In all cases my liability shall be limited to the selling price of your items, or predicted sale price if unsold based on research of the market at the time of listing.