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Louise Brown

independent trading assistant

"I would highly recommend Louise and her great decluttering service - she gave a quick and honest opinion as to what would be worth selling and what should go to the charity shop (so maximising my payback and my charitable donations) and managed to get some great prices for general household and baby paraphernalia that I would never have researched and listed so well.  Currently on my 3rd set of listings and building our holiday savings pot very quickly!!"

Vicki O'Brien, Welwyn​

"Louise sold a huge bag of items we no longer needed. I followed some of the items on eBay and her descriptions, photos and listings were accurate, detailed and showed off the items perfectly. The amount of work involved, including all the relistings, is huge and I would never have got round to doing it myself. Fully recommend. Thank you Louise."

Victoria Salter, St Albans

"I would highly recommend The super friendly Louise. She does a great job taking your clutter and selling it for the maximum amount on eBay. Great communications skills and fast to transfer payment once your items have sold."

Kate Lomax, St Albans

"Louise at Trade My Clutter has sold numerous items on my behalf, ranging from baby equipment to curtains to clothes. I'd always intended on selling many of these items myself, but just never had time.  Louise provides a great service that simple and hassle-free. I'll definitely be using Trade My Clutter again."

Lyn Weller, Cambridge

Here are just some of the reviews from recent customers - please contact me if you would like to add your own review.

"Louise at Trade My Clutter took all the items that I had been storing up for years with every intention of ebaying, but just hadn't got round to. Nothing is too big, too small or too unusual, although she will give you her honest opinion regarding whether she thinks items will be an easy or hard sell. Thank you Trade My Clutter for saving me time, money and storage space!"​

Helen Coffer, Brookmans Park

"Louise at Trade My Clutter has been selling my son's old clothes and toys for a while now, with great success. I had recently been looking to sell my pushchair and, after receiving no real interest on local selling sites, Louise managed to sell it on eBay almost immediately, for a much better price than I expected. 
I highly recommend Trade My Clutter; they take the hassle out of auctioning your unwanted items - bits and pieces that are taking up precious storage space and will inevitably end up at the charity shop or in the bin, can actually make you money, with minimal time and effort on your part. Just give Louise a call. . . "

Caroline Lander, St Albans

"It can be difficult to find the time to sell things you don't want anymore, so this was an easy and convenient way to make a bit of cash without putting in the effort of advertising, packaging and arranging delivery."

Maria Goodin, Welwyn Garden City

"Thanks for selling all my stuff! You have saved me time and hassle and made me some money. Highly recommend. Thanks."

Lisa Brand, Tewin