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Selling Commission fees

We have a minimum listing value of £10. Items deemed to be below this value will not be listed. For our services, we will take the following commission fees from the final sale price:

Final Sale Price of Item Commission Fees (taken from final sales price)
Under £100 35% for clothes, shoes and accessories
30% for all other items
£100 – £500 25%
£500 – £1000 20%
£1000 – £3000 17%
Over £3000 15%

We will deduct our commission, eBay and Paypal fees from the final sale price of each item and transfer the remaining funds to you. We do not charge commission if an item does not sell. We will provide you with a breakdown of the sales and charges along with your payment. Payments will be made within 30 days of receiving cleared funds from the buyers for all the items in your batch.

Current eBay fees can be found here. Paypal fees are currently 3.4% of the sale price plus 20p

Sorting service fees

We will charge £25 per hour or part thereof to sort your items for or with you.

For transporting items to charity, we will charge £10 per trip (large pieces of furniture are not included).

*Fees for charitable organisations may be reduced or waived at our discretion.

Value Estimation Service fees

We will charge £25 per hour or part thereof to give a value estimation of your items. The first hour’s fee will be refunded to clients choosing to sell through us.

Good to know

For visits outside a 10 mile radius from our premises, we charge mileage at a rate of 40p per mile in addition to other expenses such as car parking and congestion charges if applicable.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer

We have Public Liability Insurance.


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