Turn your clutter into cash

Need help sorting? Is it worth selling?


Sorting/Decluttering Service

You may need help sorting through items after a house clearance or big declutter or need assistance with a cluttered garage or loft.

We can come and sort through your items for you or with you, to determine what is worth selling, what can be disposed of and what could be donated to charity. We can also take your items to charity for you. View fees.

Value Estimation Service

Sometimes people dispose of their items without researching their value first, frequently paying clearance fees with no return.

To help you decide whether you want to part with your items, we will appraise them to give you an estimate of their starting and potential sale price on eBay. View fees.

We will tell you if we think an item will sell better through a specialised dealer or auctioneer and can facilitate this on your behalf.

Our fees

Find out how much we charge to sell, sort or value your items.

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