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If you know what you would like to sell, simply get in touch to make an appointment. Check out what sells here.

We offer two methods of selling; We sell on your behalf via eBay or we buy your items directly.

Buying your items

We now offer to buy your items! This means you receive the money straight away and your items are cleared immediately.

We mainly buy vintage and antique items and furniture, but we can look at what you have and see what we can offer. There are some items we are unable buy, but we can work together to find the method most suitable for you.

You might prefer us to sell your items via eBay, to see if you can maximise your profits with unexpected bids. You can choose which method of selling you would like to use.

Selling on eBay on your behalf

If you have large items, we will come to you to take all the details, then arrange for the buyer to collect directly from you. Smaller items can be handed to us and we will store them for you during the selling process. If you are unable to drop off your items, we may be able to collect them or you can arrange to courier them to us.

We will photograph your items, research their value, write a detailed description and list them on eBay. We will deal with any questions, process payments, package and post or arrange collections.

Once all your items from a batch are complete, we deduct the commission and fees and transfer the remaining funds to you. If an item doesn’t sell, no commission will be charged. Any items which don’t sell can be collected from us or we can donate them to charity if you prefer.

Our fees

Find out how much we charge to sell, sort or value your items.

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What sells?

Discover examples of products that sell and which items we cannot accept.

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