I get a lot of work from people trying to deal with their parent’s stuff. They are either helping them downsize from the family home, move into care or clearing their house after a death. They sometimes live far away and have busy lives with work and family commitments. There are often time constraints in order to quickly get the house on the market. It can be difficult to know where to start and the process can be overwhelming, especially as it comes at an emotional time. We can offer support and guide you through. We can help you save money and even make some too.


Sort through to identify any sentimental or useful items you would like to keep

Before getting anyone in to value your items, identify any sentimental pieces, heirlooms and personal items you would like to keep. It is good to pack these away and keep them somewhere safe to go through at a later date when you have the time and emotional energy. It is also useful to identify any practical items you may like to keep for yourself/friends/family.


Get in an auctioneer to give a valuation

It is a good idea to get a local Auction House in to value any antiques, fine arts and niche items. They tend to only take antiques of higher value or specific items that are currently sought after. It is worth bearing in mind that some items they value will sell better on eBay. For example, a client was recently advised that his mid-century reproduction Beresford & Hicks desk would sell at auction for up to £60. However, he would have to transport it to the auction house. We sold it for £247.99 on eBay and the buyer collected the next day. He made a lot more money, with far less hassle. It is also worth remembering that eBay has far more potential buyers.

Although it is a useful first step to get an Auction House in, we always advise doing further research before submitting to auction. We can make this process simple for you. We can liaise with the Auction House on your behalf and provide you with an estimate of the price these items might fetch on eBay.


Use an eBay selling agent to sell your items

Getting in an eBay selling agent, such as ourselves, is an ideal next step. There are usually a lot of items worth selling from a house clearance. We can save you the time and effort by doing it for you. As I said earlier, there will be vintage and antique furniture which will fetch a good price on eBay. There is also a market for upcycled furniture. People will buy old furniture which needs some care and attention, to do up and sell. eBay is the ideal place to find these buyers. Then there is modern good quality furniture which also sells well on eBay.

In addition to furniture, there is so much else you can sell from a house clearance – kitchen equipment, crockery, glassware, nick-nacks, clothes, shoes, accessories, kitchen appliances and white goods, rugs, curtains, mirrors, light fittings, garden equipment and power tools to name a few.

By using a business like ours you will generate revenue whilst reducing the amount that needs clearing. This will reduce costs should you later need to get a house clearance company in. We work to get you the best possible price for your items. We would rather not sell at all than undersell an item, and clients often find that their stuff sells for more than they expected. And of course, by selling whatever you can, you are reducing what goes into landfill. It is so important to recycle and reuse where we can.

We also offer a sorting service where we come and sort through your items to determine what can be sold, donated to charity and what needs to be disposed of. If you are short of time or live far away, getting someone to do this time-consuming task for you can be a life saver.


Donate items to charity

Once you have determined what you are going to sell, call in a charity shop to take any remaining furniture. Bear in mind though that there are certain items they will not take, including upholstered goods which do not have fire safety labels. Think about donating clothes and shoes to women’s refuges, blankets to homeless charities and bedding and towels to animal shelters. As part of our sorting service we can take your items to charity for you.


Freecycle, visit the tip, book a Council waste collection or call in a House Clearance Company

And finally, once you have sold and donated everything you can, it is time to dispose of what is left. Try giving your items away on Freecycle or to local groups who might use them. Recycle where you can by taking a visit to your local recycling centre (tip). For bulkier items, book a council waste collection.

If you still have a house full, call in a local House Clearance Company. They work slightly differently, but will all charge a fee to take everything away. If there are items of value, they might offer to buy them or offset against the fee. It is a great time saving service but comes at a price, and if they do sell some of your stuff, you will rarely get back as much as you could by selling privately. Be careful, as some disreputable companies may even sell on your items and pocket the cash.


If you are dealing with a house clearance or downsizing and would like to save time and money, please get in touch www.trademyclutter.co.uk