One of the questions I often get asked is why do I use eBay for selling instead of other sites such as gumtree, facebook and shpock? The answer is because items always sell much quicker and for a higher price on eBay.

I have tried various other selling methods but always come back to eBay

It isn’t without its frustrations. Their fees are high, it is time consuming to use and if you have a dispute they almost always go in favour of the buyer. However, eBay is the one selling site which allows you to sell to anyone anywhere in the country or indeed the world. It has many more users than any other online site which maximises the chance of selling my items. I sell internationally and courier the bigger items, so for me, location of the buyer is not an issue. And this high number of potential buyers means that my items sell much quicker than on other selling sites. On these sites, they can sit for days until they fall to the bottom of the page and are no longer seen.

The other reason I use eBay is because it is an auction site and items tend to sell better by auction than they do with a buy it now price. My buyers often get into a bidding war meaning that items sell for a higher price than I would have advertised them for on another selling site.

The additional work and frustration that comes with selling on eBay is worth it in the end!