One of the most common questions I get from clients and friends is ‘what actually sells on eBay?’

The answer is pretty much anything and everything

I sell run of the mill items over and over again; clothes, shoes, handbags, baby equipment and toys, games consoles, kitchen gadgets, sporting equipment, tables, chairs, bookcases, beds to name a few. These sell consistently. However, over the few years I have been running the business, I have sold lots of unusual items and had some great finds. It is always great to research and sell different pieces. Here are some examples of my recent work;

19th century harmonium
Vintage chandeliers
Collectable cigarette cards
Grandfather clocks
Collectable Concorde paraphernalia
Bespoke radiator covers
Stage curtains
Commercial freezers, pie warmer and griddle
Designer curtains
Vintage Vivienne Westwood dress
Original oil paintings
Collectable figurines
Computer hard-drives
Vintage bone china/dinner sets
Reclaimed tiles, doors and windows
Reclaimed granite worktops
Antique bisque dolls
Vintage Sindy dolls
Dinky cars
Second hand kitchens and conservatories
Commercial pool table
Antique church chairs
Zx Spectrum computer
Collectable snuff boxes
Motorcycle clothing
Riding saddle
Mobility scooter
Antique bijouterie display table
Vinyl collections
Vintage police shoes
Vintage turntables
Ski equipment
Persian rugs
Go karts
Pet accessories
Plumbing supplies and taps
Antiques spectacles
Ercol and G Plan furniture
Swimming pool, pumps and filters
Vintage clothing
Vintage prams
Air conditioning units
Haddenstone balustrades, stone planters and pillars
Scuba diving equipment
Vintage piano accordion
Caravan awning
Electrical supplies
Collectable Margaret Thatcher playing cards!

So next time you are unsure if what you have is worth selling, give me a call. Most items are worth a try. You never know what hidden gems may be lurking in your loft.